How To Help

Every day we encounter people on the street in Cape Town begging for food or asking for money. We strongly believe that giving people money is not the right way to empower them to fend for themselves and turn their lives around. We're really passionate about helping these people. But how? This is where U-turn comes in. They're an organization that believes that: "If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day but if you teach him to fish he can eat for a lifetime."

So what U-turn does is encourage homeless people to commit to changing their own lives and helps them do this by providing for them, then teaching them skills, and eventually helping them reintegrate into society.

We know that there will be places on our trip where we'll see extreme poverty and this only brings home the fact that in our own city there are countless people who struggle each day, while most of us are blessed with a decent income.

So if you like what we're doing don't support us – support our charity of choice – U-turn. We've set up a page where you can donate money. Let's see how much we can raise to make a real difference in our community. As they say, "small change makes no change" – so instead of giving the guy on the corner R2 each time you drive past, support U-turn and you'll be changing that guy's life for good!

We've been given our own Beyond The Wall project so when you donate you can see how your contribution has helped towards our goal of raising R10 000 for U-turn. You can see that page here!